Adrian Andrei

Dental Technician

1991-1993 College of Dental Technique Târgu Mureș, 1996 - Main Dental tehnician
2018 - present Apollonia University Iași
Dentistry specialty, Vita Zahnfabrik authorized demonstrator Germany.
Completed national and international courses: Vita Zanhfabrik Germany,
Willi Geller - Switzerland, Ivoclar - Liechtenstein, Amann Girrbach - Koblach
Austria, Vita Individual Renato Caretti- Zurich Switzerland, Rhein 83-
Bologna - Italy, Yeti Dental - Germany, Candulor - Zurich Switzerland,
Knut Miller Morphology - Austria, Yamakin- Osaka Japan,
GDiFF Implants Seminar - Seoul South Korea 2022
1992 - present - CEO of the Odontotehnica Dental Clinic

14:00 - 15:30 Theoretical Presentation

Thursday 28th Sept.

Back (or go) to basics

In absolutely any situation we discover with surprise that there are the little things that in finally makes the difference.
Back to basics or Go to basics represents nothing but basis in the beginning of works of rehabilitation.

If you are a beginner or advanced, the skills or the techniques presentetes are exactly for you. You are invited to go again to the basics.

Experienced dental technician for over 20 years, dentist to become, and owner of his own medical business, DT Adrian Andrei will bring to our attention initiation aspects for
beginners but really relevant for advanced doctors.

Starting from the cementable abutment, up to multi.unit or t.base, from the analogue of implant and until the clasic impresion-copy or scanbody, each clinical element will be exposed and analyzed.

If you also want to know the relevant unknown aspects of the elements that you are daily using in your dental office, than #OpenToSmile is for you.