Cătălin Sava


Graduated UMF Tg. Mureș - specialization in dentistry, 2001
Competence in oral implantology (UMF Carol Davila - Bucharest)

Implantology certification (IFZI - International Implantology Education Center, BZKÄ and DGYMK certification - Germany 2007)

Dental aesthetics and cosmetics (ESCD member certification European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry, 2007 Prosthetics on implants (Bologna, Italy 2008)

International Symposium on Implantology (Korea 2012)

15:50 - 16:25 Theoretical Presentation

Thursday 28th Sept.

Bone regeneration following peri-implant defects

Would you like to discover more about how you can save dental implants located in compromised situations? In this case the preentation it is for you!

Infections cannot be avoided. But their effects can be diminished.

It may be a problem that the coils of the implant start to be more and more what more visible? What should in you tell the patient after the analysis intraoral?

Treatment for peri-implantitis typically involves a combination of mechanical debridement (removal of damaged tissue and bacteria) and antimicrobial therapy. The goal of these treatment options is decontamination of the tissue around the implant before the infection spreads to the jawbone.

The current therapeutic possibilities offers pertinent solutions but also a lot of successful in the most cases.

The most serious biological complications of the implant site are now becoming easily approachable through the solutions proposed by Dr. Sava Cătălin, dentist and Harvard Dental Institute cooperator.