Jesús Martínez Sánchez

Dental Technician

General Manager of Graphenano dental;

CEO of Infinity Labs.

Professor of Permanent Training Polytechnic University of Valencia;

Developer of the application of graphene in dentistry;

Founding member of the Ibero-American Basal Implantology Society;

Lecturer in implant prosthetics courses;

Dictator of master's degree in new technologies and Cad cam;

Trainer in surgical planning software management. Nemotec;

10:40 - 13:00 Theoretical Presentation

Thursday 28th Sept.

G-CAM, effciency and biomechanical solution for dental restorations

Today, the prosthetic options are even more extensive. As specialists in dental prosthetics, we are not only interested in the functionality of the prosthesis, but also there are other relevant aspects for the patient or for the doctor: the aesthetic function, the weight of the dental crown and the comfort of the crowns hosted by patient are only three of the aspects that today matters în the time of ellection.

Graphenano Dental came into being as a result of own studies on the reinforcement of polymer matrices, becoming the pioneer company in incorporating graphene nanotechnology in dentistry in order to the meet the needs of the dental sector.

Since its creation, it has sought to obtain a new material with new properties that is versatile, comfortable in terms of workability, precise and long-lasting, as well as offering good structural stability and being biodynamic and biocompatible. Thanks to graphene, and more specifically to resins doped with this nano-material, the company has achieved the market launch of its first product: The G-CAM disk for milling using a CAD/CAM system.

The advanced course held by the dental tehnician - Jesús Martínez Sánchez it is organized for both dental technician and for the dentists. If you'd like to be part of the event and find out more information join us!