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09:05-10:50 Theoretical Presentation

Aesthetic and functional treatments with and without implants

During the scope of this presentation we will go through planning of single implant case, from surgical and restorative considerations and steps, then full arch implant case that will focus mainly on the planning of the full arch restoration, that was fulfilled by analyzing the face and the smile of the patient digitally and followed by the manufacturing procedure of the zirconia restoration using CAD/CAM.


Arthur Hrayr Partiyan

11:10 - 13:00 Theoretical Presentation

Short implants as alternative to bone augmentation procedures

Dr. Marco Esposito shows us in his presentation various conclusions which he reached after the achievement these interventions. It can be avoided the augmentation? Would you also like to find out the answear. We are waiting you for the presentation!


Marco Esposito

14:00 - 14:40 Theoretical Presentation

Objectivization of prosthetic implant time: The stability factor

Precision. Resonance. Stability. There are only three terms that are following the implantology from the moment we report at her. Surface characteristics they have proven to influence of osseointegration of implants, however, it has been scientifically proven and the fact that devices with magnetic resonance can communicate a useful index in the decision of loading immediately the implant or not.

Studies conducted throughout the time of Assist. Univ. Dr. Florentin Berneanu, confirmed the principles of Paulo Malo, however he brings new information to the public's attention, valences that can be useful in taking the decision to load immediately the prosthetic dental implant in a critical phase.

Apart from the quantity, the quality of the bone, the shape of the implant also is influencing the impact of surgical technique on primary stability.

The ISQ-values are used as an indicator for mechanical implant stability, and are believed to have predictive power for clinical outcome. Nowadays in clinical practice ISQ readings are used as gauging factor to decide the time interval for practical implant loading and to decide the prognosis of implant procedure. Quantitative measurement of implant stability is of high clinical significance so various principles have been used to estimate this parameter accurately like, the periotest assay and resonance frequency analysis.

If you will be in the #OpenTheSmile rooms you will find a ot of new informations from the latest study regarding the ISQ!


Florentin Berneanu

09:40 - 10:20 Theoretical Presentation

ACH Medical, South Korea

The development plans of a brand they have always at the base the request or the need of the users. Within the Open to Smile, we value the relationship on which we have with the doctors from the whole country and therefore every project or every change that we are making at the products we are communicating them with a lot of attention.

Tommy Lee, general manager in the ACH Medical, the producer company of GDiFF implants is presenting to us the latest updates, the production process and the new products made by our partner from Korea.


Tommy (Jae-Woong) Lee

10:40 - 13:00 Theoretical Presentation

G-CAM, effciency and biomechanical solution for dental restorations

Today, the prosthetic options are even more extensive. As specialists in dental prosthetics, we are not only interested in the functionality of the prosthesis, but also there are other relevant aspects for the patient or for the doctor: the aesthetic function, the weight of the dental crown and the comfort of the crowns hosted by patient are only three of the aspects that today matters în the time of ellection.

Graphenano Dental came into being as a result of own studies on the reinforcement of polymer matrices, becoming the pioneer company in incorporating graphene nanotechnology in dentistry in order to the meet the needs of the dental sector.

Since its creation, it has sought to obtain a new material with new properties that is versatile, comfortable in terms of workability, precise and long-lasting, as well as offering good structural stability and being biodynamic and biocompatible. Thanks to graphene, and more specifically to resins doped with this nano-material, the company has achieved the market launch of its first product: The G-CAM disk for milling using a CAD/CAM system.

The advanced course held by the dental tehnician - Jesús Martínez Sánchez it is organized for both dental technician and for the dentists. If you'd like to be part of the event and find out more information join us!


Jesús Martínez Sánchez

14:00 - 16:00 Workshop

Graphenano experience

National champion in Spain at fishing, Ornella it also becomes a champion in using the most revolutionary product for the dental labs, G-CAM disk, it is a biopolymer nanoreinforced with graphene particles, designed especially for permanent crowns.

Along with Roxana Cuzub, accredited speaker dental technician for Graphenano, we will find out the aspects that must be puted into the practice by the dental tehnician that is using this revolutionary material!


Ornella Tosta Villino


Roxana Cuzub

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